9” tall
9 lbs.

Chilly is probably the most correct bitch that I have bred .  From the time she was old enough to walk, I felt that she was going to be that “something” special.  By the time she was old enough to hit the show ring, I knew I had the “ONE” I had been breeding for.  Her behavior was always kind of silly and she was a fun dog to have around the house, but….Chilly hated the show ring.  She hated any judge looking at her or talking to her.  She hated the table in the ring.  She hated walking toward a judge.  Courtney Norris was her handler and she made Chilly a project.  Chilly went everywhere Courtney went.  Chilly even slept with Courtney.  One day light bulbs went off in Chilly’s head and she figured out if she would just strut her stuff,  she could get this show stuff done.  She even went to the Nationals and placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in her classes.  She got her championship and she stayed with Courtney so she is able to share the bed.  She comes down to visit when there are shows in the area.


Ninja is my party girl.  She is always happy, always in the middle of things.  She is always on the edge of trouble.  She can’t get one toy out of the box.  She goes in the toy box and takes everything out.  She was a dream to show, always struttin’ her stuff.  She and Ruth Ellen Vial (my handler) finished with 4 majors.

Salem’s Ten Shots
Aka Panda

Panda is a happy girl.  She is very good at bouncing off the leather sofa and hitting the love seat in two strides.  She loves the puppies and makes a very good baby sitter, always gentle.  I think she will be a great mom.

Panda and Ninja went to my handler, Ruth Ellen Viall, at the same time.  It took a month or so to let their coats grow out before RE started showing them.  Both girls took to the show ring in stride and started getting their points toward their championship.  Ruth thought that Panda would finish more quickly as she is the flashy one.  I told Ruth “Oh No” Ninja has to finish first because Panda is “Salem’s Ten Shots”.  Ten Shots because she has to be Shotzie’s 10th champion, she can’t finish first.  Soooo…..We held her back so that she would be the 10th Shotzie champion.  Now Shotzie would get that ROMX that very few havanese bitches achieve.  This was more important to me than going to Westminster.


8 1/2 inches
7 pounds

Skittle’s is my little girl. She didn’t reach 81/2 inches until she was well past 2 years old. When Skittles came to me from Karen Balazs she barely weighed 16 oz. Karen gave me a container of cooked ground beef and a container of shredded chicken. I fed this little fluff ball every 3 hours because she only ate a Tablespoon of food at a time. She slept with me because I didn’t want her out of my sight. Although she is little, she is mighty. She has been a great mother producing the irresistible “Brat”.

OFA Hips Fair
OFA Elbows Normal
Patellas Normal
Cardiac Normal
Eye Certification HV-3453-2008-58

Breeder: Karen Balazs
Owner: Joyce Huber



When Sparkle went to my handler, Ruth Ellen Viall, to be prepped for the show ring, little did I know that she would only be gone for 3 weeks.  Sparkle hit the show ring and finished in a flash.  She has the attitude that every dog owner wishes on their dogs.  She is the only one of my dogs that can do a 360 in the air when she is happy.

OFA  Hips   Good

OFA  Elbows   Normal

OFA  Patella   Normal

OFA   Eyes  Hv-4137

OFA  Baer Hearing  Normal

OFA   Cardiac   Normal