CH Salem’s I Wanna Be Cool

Chilly is probably the most correct bitch that I have bred .  From the time she was old enough to walk, I felt that she was going to be that “something” special.  By the time she was old enough to hit the show ring, I knew I had the “ONE” I had been breeding for. Her behavior was always kind of silly and she was a fun dog to have around the house, but….Chilly hated the show ring.  She hated any judge looking at her or talking to her. She hated the table in the ring. She hated walking toward a judge. Courtney Norris was her handler and she made Chilly a project. Chilly went everywhere Courtney went.  Chilly even slept with Courtney. One day light bulbs went off in Chilly’s head and she figured out if she would just strut her stuff, she could get this show stuff done. She even went to the Nationals and placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in her classes.  She got her championship and she stayed with Courtney so she is able to share the bed. She comes down to visit when there are shows in the area.