Salem’s Ten Shots AKA Panda

Panda is a happy girl.  She is very good at bouncing off the leather sofa and hitting the love seat in two strides.  She loves the puppies and makes a very good baby sitter, always gentle. I think she will be a great mom.

Panda and Ninja went to my handler, Ruth Ellen Viall, at the same time.  It took a month or so to let their coats grow out before RE started showing them.  Both girls took to the show ring in stride and started getting their points toward their championship.  Ruth thought that Panda would finish more quickly as she is the flashy one. I told Ruth “Oh No” Ninja has to finish first because Panda is “Salem’s Ten Shots”.  Ten Shots because she has to be Shotzie’s 10th champion, she can’t finish first. Soooo…..We held her back so that she would be the 10th Shotzie champion. Now Shotzie would get that ROMX that very few havanese bitches achieve.  This was more important to me than going to Westminster.