Ch Salem’s A One Time Shot ROMX

Number 1 Brood Bitch 2005


There is much to say about Shotzie. As a show dog, she wowed them in the show ring, finishing very quickly with all majors. As a brood bitch, she has produced 10 champions in 3 litters. One of the puppies, CH Salem’s A Wee Patriot was junior handled all the way to his championship. Shotzie has a beautiful head and eye, and, she can move. Coming from Shelties, movement is a must in my breeding program, at the top of my list. Fortunately, Shotzie does pass this quality to her puppies, along with her head and eye. She also has the personality of her dad Scamp and her mom Smudge. It short, she is a happy girl that sleeps with my husband. Shotzie passed away 3 months before she turned 17.