Scamp was my first show dog.  He was also the first stud dog that I have ever owned.  He has been neutered for a couple years now.  I have been searching for a new stud that first, would compliment my girls, and second, to hopefully find something with our bloodlines.  We have been very fortunate with the Los Perritos bloodlines, in producing puppies that can win at shows, great temperaments, and above all no health issues.

I’ve known Tim Meyer’s for a bunch of years.  He owns a Scamp Grand daughter that I would love to by from him (hint, hint) named BoomBoom.  BoomBoom produced BammBamm.  BammBamm had just turned 2 and Tim was cutting back on dogs.  I guess it was one of those things, being at the right place, right time.  I had BammBamm shipped to MD.  Tim had clipped him down and I had to wait for coat to start coming in to send him up to Ruth Ellen Vial.  Through Ruth Ellen’s excellent care and handling, BammBamm is now a finished champion.

I had just bought BammBamm and didn’t want or need another male dog, BUT…….I saw Max as a 12 week old puppy down at the NC Nationals.  He looked very much like one of my own puppies.  And he should have.  His mother is out of CH Salem’s Just Be Dazzled and his father is out of CH SAlem’s Just Be Dazzled.  Ruth Hallet, his owner and I are friends and I told Ruth I liked him a lot.  I asked her not to sell him until I could decide if I really needed a second Boy.  I brought him home and was, is a happy, crazy little dog that is absolutely beautiful.  How could I not have him.  He just finished his championship and will be going to the 2012 Nationals, and then retired to Salem to run on the farm and make some babies.